Jiuhuazi Interactive Cat Ball Toy with 1 catnip mushroom toy

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Why choose our smart cat toy ball?

– USB Charging:

Get rid of annoying batteries and enjoy the fun of toy balls with a simple charge.

– Material Safety:

High-quality ABS material, it will not break even if it hits the wall hundreds of times.

– Small size:

43mm diameter is suitable for most cat paw control.

– Quiet Movement:

Wrapped with 99% buffered silicone material to reduce the sound of collision with the ground and walls. Even timid cats can be attracted to rolling balls.

– Smart Obstacle Avoidance:

Due to the sphere shape and self-balancing system, the ball will automatically change direction when colliding with walls, chairs, doors, etc.

– Power saving mode:

The toy ball will enter the shutdown or standby state after running for 5 minutes. Effectively prevent cats from indulging in play.

Weight 50 g
Dimensions 7 × 5 × 5 cm
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