Pet Cat Scratch Board Cardboard Cat Scratcher

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 Cat Scratchers

Why you need this cat scratching pad?

Scratching is as normal as purring for cats. They do it wherever they may be. If they’re outdoors, they’ll scratch on trees and wooden posts. For indoor cats, they’ll target the sofa, cabinet, walls, and carpet, among others.

Durable Material Our cat scratching pad is made of recycle reversible corrugated cardboard, which has high density five layers of corrugated paper constructed to ensure the durability, so make it hard to tore by cats, this scratching pad is more durable than normal ones.

Unique Design The cat scratcher cardboard with catnip make it easier scratching to contour a cat’s ability to stretch and flex their body. The surface of this corrugated scratcher cardboard mimics the texture of tree bark, which is a cat’s favorite scratching surface in nature.

Weight 250 g
Dimensions 21.5 × 3 × 43 cm
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