Electronic Scale SF – 400 LCD Display, White

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Electronic Scale

Measure your weight accurately at home by bringing the Electronic Scale. With its sleek design and high-precision strain gauge sensor system, this scale will provide you with reliable and accurate readings every time. Whether you’re trying to track your fitness progress or simply monitor your weight, this scale is the perfect addition to your home. The scale features a clear and easy-to-read LCD display, allowing you to view your weight easily. It also has a weight limit of 150kg, making it ideal for many users.

top-Notch Accuracy

This weight scale is equipped with a high-precision strain gauge sensor system to experience excellent accuracy. This advanced technology ensures that the scale can detect even the slightest changes in your weight, providing precise measurements you can trust.

Auto Zero Resetting

This scale features an auto zero resetting power-off function, which automatically resets the scale to zero when it is not in use. This feature ensures that the scale is always ready to use when you need it, and it also helps conserve battery life.

Weight 190 g
Dimensions 4.6 × 25 × 18.6 cm
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